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Changzhou Kanghe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. just posted LG23X OPTIC PTZ CAMERA MODULE      Sheenrun Optices&Electronics Co., Ltd. just posted PTZ Dual Spectrum Thermal Imaing Camera, SHR-LV3000TIR185R Long Range Thermal & Day Camera System      Shenzhen Aithink Digital System Co., Ltd. just posted Aithink 4000m night vision camera, Aithink 2000m night vision camera      Zhong Tang Electronics Company Limited just posted Replaceable TF Card / cell Watch      China Sheenrun Electronics Co., Ltd. just posted detect distance 14km to vehicle and 5km to people HTIR185R thermal camera, detect distance 9.9km to vehicle and 3.6km to people TIR155R thermal camera      Changzhou Kanghe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. just posted LG37X OPTIC ZOOM VIDEO CAMERA MODULE      

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